Become a Sugaring Cane Ambassador (training fee refunded with first product order)

Because of the current situation with social distancing, we are not allowed to teach therapists in the Art of Sugaring. However for those therapists with experience in the beauty industry, we are offering the opportunity to become a Sugaring Cane Ambassador. 

This means you will be able to retail our amazing skincare products and sugaring at home kits. This is a great opportunity to stay in touch with your customers, help them with their beauty necessities like staying hair free while at home, and making profit.

The process is easy! 

We will agree on a date for an online product training. This usually takes 1 hour maximum 2. The fee for this online product training is £150 which will be credited back against your first order. Basically you are getting this training for free :-) 

Afterwards you will receive your Ambassador special discount code. For more information please email us at: if your business is in the UK and at if your business is in Ireland. We look forward to hearing from you.

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