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Benefits of Sugaring for You & Your Customers

By: nimmaco

Body Sugaring is one of the most effective, and almost painless, forms of hair removal. Sugaring only adheres to hair and dead skin cells so there is less trauma and minimal discomfort while removing hair and exfoliating the skin in the process, which also improves skin texture and tone.

A recent article published by JAMA Dermatology1 (Journal of the American Medical Association) has clearly endorsed Sugaring and encouraged Dermatologists to recommend Sugaring as a safe and effective method, especially for those with sensitive skin or unable to tolerate other more traumatic hair removal treatments.

On Trend with Sugaring

Although Sugaring is a traditional technique, it is currently the leading trend across Europe and this modern revival is largely due to the excellent sugar pastes and skin products now available, together with modern techniques and professional training to ensure silky smooth skin for the whole body. 

Current TV hit shows such as Love Island, Ex On The Beach, and even Strictly Come Dancing have set the standards for fashionably toned, tanned and hair free looks.  

Sugaring is also further ‘on trend’ as it is a 100% totally natural product consisting of only sugar, water and lemon juice with no chemical additives.  It is fully compliant with modern eco and environmental standards, which is important to modern discerning customers.

So, what else is getting Media coverage?

There are many other hair removal devices currently being marketed through multiple channels. 

Our customers often ask about devices they have seen in the media.  It is not our place to review other devices, but we have looked at online reports from recent Consumer reviews which are referenced here: 

no!no! Body hair Removal System: 

(Report by Consumer Reports Magazine)

no!no! works on principles of thermal transference.  It has low, medium and high treatment levels and removes hair with a heated wire that stays above the skin.  Testers described their legs as ‘prickly’ and ‘hairy’ after use, and reported that they were never stubble or hair free during six weeks of testing. Not time efficient, and burning hair smell during use2.

Yes! By Finishing Touch:  

(Report by ByAdVisor Online Product Reviews)

This product is a shaver which uses its trademarked Sensa-Light technology.  It glides against the skin and all this light is really supposed to do is detect when the device comes in contact with the skin and turn it on, at which point you notice that the product is really just an electric shaver3.  

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Sugaring for Your Salon Success

Sugaring is a key asset for your business, and training with Sugaring Cane UK & Ireland will ensure that you can differentiate your salon and hair removal services for profitable repeat customer business.

Professional Training with Sugaring Cane:

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1Sugaring – Modern Revival of an Ancient Egyptian Technique for Hair Removal. 

JAMA Dermatology  June 2016  Volume 152, Number 6 

2Is No No a yes?, Consumer Reports Magazine, December 2013

3What is Yes! By Finishing Touch?, ByAdvisor Online Products Reviews, 2015