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About Us

  Sugaring Cane was founded in 2011 in Bremen, Germany, by entrepreneurs Susanne and Clay Blair.

Following the market trend for hairless body culture, Sugaring Cane developed their own range of proprietary products and started laboratory manufacture under strict quality control and complying with all EU regulations.

From the very beginning they specialised in products for professional use made out of 100% natural ingredients, with no chemical additives.

Sugaring Cane’s main business is the distribution of their own Sugar Paste products, along with a complimentary product range and unique training programme, to provide a full range of professional sugaring services to the aesthetic and beauty industry.

Susanne Blair, Head of the Sugaring Cane School in Germany, teaches beauticians, practitioners, therapists and those who are passionate about the art of sugaring, and has also certified many trainers and instructors in countries across Europe.

Sugaring Cane has exclusive, selected distributors in Iceland, USA, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland; their products and training courses are now also available in partnership with Nimmaco throughout the UK and Ireland.

UK & Ireland

Nimmaco is the official distributor for Sugaring Cane in the UK & Ireland and is a young and dynamic company founded in 2015. At Nimmaco we care about the environment, fair trade, and exceptional quality all natural products.

The team at Nimmaco are passionate about representing the best hair removal products and techniques available to the industry, and have found the perfect match in partnering with Sugaring Cane.

We also care about the success of our customers and therefore we pay special attention to the quality of our training programmes, along with full after sales and ongoing support. We are always there for our customers.


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