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  • Just spent two excellent training days with Monica learning the art of sugaring. Monica is a fantastic trainer, really knows her stuff, very patient and encouraging. Thank you Monica, we’ll see you next time!

    LJ 26 Feb 2018
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  • Was trained by Monica @Sugaring Cane Uk & IE recently. I have to admit it was one of the best beauty-related trainings I have ever attended! So informative and enjoyable, was absolutely amazing! The hands-on practice enjoyed even more so. Truly wonderful course and the trainer! Love, love, love the Sugaring Paste, and the silver spray and the amazing mask! Highly recommend! Best ever!

    IG 20 Feb 2018
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  • Did my sugaring training with Monica yesterday and it was amazing. Monica is so passionate about sugaring and the results we achieved spoke for themselves. Totally converted to sugaring. Wax pots going into retirement . Thank you Monica for the fantastic training and patience teaching me x

    AM 18 Feb 2018
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  • I always found it a hassle having to shave every 4-5 days but since I've discovered sugaring I only need to sugar every 4-5 weeks and my hair comes back a lot thinner and softer .I am a convert now for definite!

    G D - 09/07/2017
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  • Sugaring, best Brazilian ever! I have been sugared into a new woman. Forget waxing. Painful and dangerous are two words I don't want anywhere near my tender Brazilian area. Inspired by ancient Egyptian organic hair removal, SUGARING is half the pain of waxing and twice as effective. 

    The Internet Bachelorette
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  • Thank you so much Monica ! You are an absolute gem! the training myself and Marty received today was second to none . You are so patient and eager for all you teach to learn this unique skill. Thank you Monica .! We at Calm Cosmetics are as you say "The Belfast Sugar Babes " We are ready .! X

    TM - 25/08/2017
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  • Such a pleasant experience, will never go back to waxing again! Highly recommend it!!

    K L - 17/08/2017
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  • I completed my basic training under Monica back in December and then completed the intimate training in April of this year. Monica is an excellent teacher, very professional, patient, clear and knowledgeable. She put me at my ease and was very respectful to our volunteers. Both training sessions were informative and practical, Monica managed to create an upbeat atmosphere and we all (including the volunteers) had a few laughs over the course of the day. I highly recommend Sugaring as the best way to remove unwanted body hair and Monica is the lady with the knowledge and the skill to teach the technique. In addition, she is always available at the end of the phone or email line for advice and reassurance if and when required.

    M J - 10/07/2017
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