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Sugaring is a Profitable Business based on Customer Delight! 

By: nimmaco

When it comes to assessing whether Sugaring is the right fit for your salon, studio or as a home-based business, it is very important to select the best possible partner for quality training and products, and to ensure that you will have optimum ongoing support for your business venture. 

Body Sugaring is one of the most effective, and almost painless, forms of hair removal. Sugaring only adheres to hair and dead skin cells so there is less trauma and minimal discomfort while removing hair and exfoliating the skin in the process, which also improves skin texture and tone.

Sugaring is a key asset for your business, and professional accredited training with Sugaring Cane UK & Ireland will ensure that you can differentiate your salon and services for profitable repeat business which is built on customer delight and satisfaction.

Business Potential

The global market for hair removal is set to continue with excellent growth and is expected to reach a projected world-wide value of USD $1.35 Billion by the end of 2022.*  This figure represents all modalities available for hair removal and reflects the rising trend for hair removal to meet the beauty expectations for a good and groomed physical appearance, especially among young consumers.

Increasing Trend for Sugaring versus Waxing 

With such positive industry forecasts, it is also very reassuring to have proof that Sugaring has over-taken waxing and will continue as the leading future trend for effective and lasting hair removal. 

(Note: The larger cycle trends represent peaks in interest for each summer season - see also our recent blog on the importance and benefits of Sugaring All Year Round and especially in Winter.)


Professional Accredited Training

The guiding philosophy with our team at Sugaring Cane UK & Ireland is that “your success is our success”.

We seek to have a TOTAL FOCUS ON YOU, our client, to ensure that you will be able to learn the key skills required for Sugaring and to be successful whether you are in a spa, salon, home-based or as a mobile professional.

There are a range of hair removal methods currently available.  Many are ‘expensive and intensive’ to perform and have variable reviews in terms of success rates and client satisfaction.  

The methods and techniques pioneered and taught by the Sugaring Cane team are unique in ensuring silky smooth skin for the whole body, with a range of exceptional sugar pastes in different strengths which are beautifully enhanced by our total skin care range for skin preparation, maintenance and after-care.

Don’t forget that SUGARING IS A SKILL – many beauticians prefer waxing as it is easier to train and it is less challenging as part of a basic overall “wax on - wax off” approach. 

Sugaring is a skill which takes a little longer to master, but once you perfect your techniques you will have a clear advantage over other salons in your area, and YOU will be the trend setter with uniquely differentiated services for exceptional results and complete customer satisfaction. 

Regional Training – We Come to You!

Our training is provided on a regional basis throughout the UK & Ireland, and we focus on providing a fully customised and personalised professional training for YOU 

Professional Training with Sugaring Cane:

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Transparency Market Research – Global Hair Removal Market Report, October 2017