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Sugaring For Athletes & Sports Competitors

Many athletes incorporate sugaring and hair removal as part of their overall fitness, training and sports preparations. Not only does sugaring help athletes look and feel great, it can also add crucial advantages for those sportswomen and sportsmen who are focused on having that competitive edge.

  • Less chafing and rashes associated with sweat held close to the body
  • Less distraction, discomfort or infections from ingrown hairs
  • Better overall concentration
  • Hygienic
  • Feel comfortable in close fitting sportswear and high-performance, ergonomic competition outfits
  • Enhanced body aerodynamics, especially for swimmers, cyclists, runners and tri-athletes
  • Sugaring is better tolerated as a long-term solution for athletes versus other hair removal techniques
  • Sugar-smooth skin is ideal for adding sunscreens and sports lotions, wearing compression garments, and the use of physiotherapy sports taping

For All Amateurs and Professional Athletes – Sugaring will help you Feel Great and Enjoy Your Sports Successes!

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