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Body Sugaring – The New Brazilian Smooth

By: nimmaco

Sugaring is an organic form of hair removal that utilises sugar paste which is 100% natural and consists of only sugar, water and lemon juice in a consistency that looks like honey. Sugaring is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Body Sugaring is one of the most effective, and almost painless, forms of hair removal. Sugaring only adheres to hair and dead skin cells so there is less trauma and minimal discomfort while removing hair and exfoliating the skin in the process, which also improves skin texture and tone.

Further advantages of the water-based sugar paste are that it can penetrate the hair follicles more easily, removing additional hairs with less breakage, which leads to a longer time before hair regrowth, and the skin can be conveniently cleaned with water alone.  When the hair grows back it is often much softer.

Consequently, sugaring results in less discomfort and redness after hair removal when compared to waxing.  Sugar also provides moisture to the skin and is hypoallergenic by its nature. 

Be as Bikini Bare as you Dare!

The methods and techniques pioneered and taught by the Sugaring Cane team are unique in ensuring silky smooth skin for the whole body. 

Many customers are happy to discuss their Sugaring needs until it comes to more intimate requests.    There are many different descriptions used across the beauty industry and we have provided a short overview here of typical designs and terms.

Hair removal can follow the classic bikini line or extended / high bikini / or thong line, to ensure that you are ready to show off your beach body in that wonderful new swimsuit. 

The Brazilian is all-off except for a ‘landing strip’ at the front, and the Hollywood is a completely smooth look so that you can be as “Bikini Bare as you Dare.”

Intimate services and styles are also available for men, and the Manzilian has become a recently popular term!  Please discuss with your hair removal practitioner for further details.

A Little Sweetness for your Sweet Spot!

For your intimate area, it is essential to ensure that your skin care professional has proper training, certification and experience.  Sugaring Cane provides specific intimate training courses which are available once the basic Sugaring course has been completed and practitioners have had time to practise and develop their techniques.

Don’t forget that SUGARING IS A SKILL – many beauticians prefer waxing as it is easier to train and it is less challenging as part of a basic overall “wax on - wax off” approach. 

Sugaring takes longer to master, but as a practitioner once you perfect your techniques you will have a clear advantage over other salons in your area, and YOU will be the trend setter with uniquely differentiated services for exceptional results and complete customer satisfaction.

Sugaring takes patience, passion, dedication and time to perfect your skills, and this is especially true for intimate services.  

For clients, however, the benefits are clear:

  • The bikini area is prone to ingrown hairs, especially with hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving which cause broken hairs to become trapped below the surface of the skin. Sugaring gently removes hair from the root in the direction of growth and significantly reduces the incidence of ingrown hair.
  • Sugaring also reduces the appearance of razor bumps (..the infamous “chicken skin” look!). The methods and techniques taught by Sugaring Cane ensure silky smooth skin for the whole body, and with our exceptional range of sugar pastes and total skin care products for skin preparation, maintenance and after-care, you and your clients will be delighted with the NEW SMOOTH.
  • Sugar paste only adheres to hair and dead skin cells so there is less trauma and minimal discomfort when removing hair. Sugaring actually exfoliates the skin, which improves overall skin texture and tone.
  • Sugar is naturally hypoallergenic, hygienic and antiseptic. It can be cleaned with water, so no more sticky residues, chemical or solvents when compared to waxing.
  • Sugar is applied at body temperature so there is no danger of burning the skin.
  • You can usually switch to Sugaring from shaving or waxing in just 10-14 days
  • Sugaring can be used with much shorter hair of only 1.5 mm in length, versus waxing where the hair needs to be around 6 mm or longer.
  • Sugaring helps promote permanence and it takes longer for hair to regrow. 

Sugaring -The Sweet Side of Gentle Hair Removal 

You owe it to yourself and your customers to experience the BEST BRAZILIAN EVER! 

We could not put it better than the wonderful blog description from The Internet Bachelorette: