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mtv beauty recommends Sugaring

By: nimmaco


It is great that there is so much attention currently on the benefits and advantages of Sugaring, with the overwhelming consensus that Sugaring is the established TREND now replacing shaving and waxing.

We certainly like it when you take our recommendations, but it is also great when independent experts and bloggers from the style and beauty industry come to the same conclusion!

Recent articles by both mtv beauty and mtv style have further endorsed and recommended Sugaring as totally ON۰TREND for gentle hair removal.

What is Sugaring hair removal and does it hurt less than waxing?

mtv beauty advocates Sugaring rather than shaving or waxing.  They are clear that it is much less painful AND lasts longer than waxing. 

Sugaring can be performed from head to toe and everywhere in between. 

Unlike waxing, which sticks to the skin and hair, sugar pastes only adhere to your hair which is why it is much less painful.  Sugaring gently removes hair from the root in the direction of hair growth, and can be used with much shorter hair than waxing.  With Sugaring, there is much less chance of broken hairs or ingrown hairs which occur with waxing, or the dreaded razor bumps or razor burn which appear after shaving…

Hair removal fails and how to fix them?

The case for Sugaring is further reinforced by mtv style when they comment on other techniques as follows:  Shaving – ugh!  Waxing – ugh! Threading – ugh! 

Whether you are looking for a quick trim or a complete silky, smooth look there are many disadvantages with these methods.

Shaving seems simple, but cuts, nicks and razor bumps can spoil your intended look.  Also, within about 10 hours of shaving you can expect the return of stubble – no lasting smooth here!

mtv style also pose the question: “Is there anything worse than putting yourself through the ordeal of a wax, only to find stubble still left behind?”

Shaving and waxing get their final critique summarised in two words:  ‘red’ and ‘bumps’!  Razor burn, itchy skin and ingrown hairs are cautioned and the importance of overall skin care preparation and exfoliation is highlighted.


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