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Natural Beauty & The Myth of Organics in the Beauty Industry

By: nimmaco

SUGARING – Best for Natural Beauty

As friends and lovers of natural beauty, we all share an ethos to promote natural products and to be kind to the environment.  Sugaring Cane has developed a range of proprietary products with all natural ingredients - our NEW GENERATION SUGAR PASTES contain only Sugar, Water and Lemon and are acknowledged as setting new standards within the beauty industry for gentle, effective and long-lasting hair removal.

Natural versus Organic?

Many claims are made in the beauty and cosmetics industry for organic products.  However, there remains a high degree of confusion regarding the definition of organic products and whether they are actually proven to be better than other comparable products.

Most information on the use of the term organic comes from the US.  The main regulatory agency there, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), does not define or regulate the term organic as it applies to cosmetics, body care or personal products. This is actually dealt with by the US Department of Agriculture through the National Organic Program. This is a marketing body for the agricultural industry and therefore does not comment in any way on the overall safety or health benefits of products.

To help make sense of these complicated rules, Jordana Mattioli, Licensed Medical Esthetician and sought-after international beauty expert, has provided a clear and concise outline and review on organic beauty products.

It is surprising to note that for a product to be labelled as ‘made with organic ingredients’, it only needs to be 70% organic!

Many plants whether or not they are grown organically may still contain substances which can be toxic or allergenic.

In addition, the FDA are clear that just because a product has an organic label, it should NOT be interpreted that this is proof of any additional health benefits or that it is better than other products.  Overall, there is poor evidence to show that organic ingredients in the beauty or cosmetics industry are superior. 

It is also further noted that once a natural plant or flower is harvested, cleaned and processed ready for use in a skincare or cosmetic product, the sterilisation process usually ensures that impurities or other production chemicals are removed. 

There is still a significant lack of clarity and evidence for the benefits of organic products promoted for beauty products and cosmetics, and the focus should therefore remain on having the BEST available NATURAL products which will be kind to both our clients and to the environment.


Many of our competitor brands of Sugar Pastes have chemicals, preservatives, colours, gums, resins, wax, aromatic oils, etc. added to their products.  We have to ask the question “WHY?” 

Most of these additives are contrary to the philosophy of a natural beauty product and they can cause itching, irritation, rashes on the skin, and allergic reactions which are totally unnecessary

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