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Powder is NOT Required with Our Quality Sugar Pastes and Body Cleanser

By: nimmaco

SUGARING CANE UK & IRELAND offers professionally accredited training courses for Sugaring hair removal. Our philosophy is that “Your Success, Is Our Success” and our aim is that when you train with us your business will be successful, highly profitable, and you and your customers will be delighted!

The methods and techniques taught by SUGARING CANE ensure silky smooth skin for the whole body and there are many salon and customer advantages for you when using our exceptional range of sugar pastes and total skin care range for preparation, maintenance and after-care. 

Body Sugaring is one of the most effective, and almost painless, forms of hair removal. Sugaring only adheres to hair and dead skin cells so there is less trauma and minimal discomfort while removing hair.  Sugaring also exfoliates the skin to improve overall texture and tone.

It is great that there is so much attention currently on the benefits and advantages of Sugaring, and the overwhelming consensus is that Sugaring is now the established TREND replacing shaving, waxing and the other “expensive and intensive” modalities.

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We would like to highlight clearly that Sugaring is a Skill – many beauticians prefer waxing as it is easier to train and it is less challenging as part of a basic overall “wax on - wax off” approach. 

Sugaring takes a little longer to master, but once you perfect your techniques you will have a clear advantage over other salons in your area. YOU will be a trend setter with uniquely differentiated services for exceptional results and complete customer satisfaction.


We have already highlighted the industry leading training offered by SUGARING CANE UK & IRELAND and also our range of QUALITY products.

YES:       We offer a comprehensive range of Sugar Pastes which are available in 3 strengths  - Soft, Strong & Extra Soft.  These options are ideal to suit all skin and treatment types for maximum effectiveness and salon profitability.  

YES:       Using our unique Body Cleanser will ensure skin is clean, oil free, sanitised and dry prior to Sugaring. 

NO       Most of our competitors will insist that talcum powder is applied to the skin prior to Sugaring to ensure the skin is totally dry ….. WE DON’T USE POWDER!  This is an area (among many other differences) where our training philosophy at Sugaring Cane is not the same as others! 


There have been recent controversies regarding the health effects and safety issues related to using talcum powder.  In fact, the American Cancer Society have posted clear statements in November 2017 that it is not clear if consumer products containing talcum powder increase cancer risk.” They also note that “until more information is available, people concerned about using talcum powder may want to avoid or limit their use of consumer products that contain it.”

The emphasis in the wider Sugaring community is still focussed on using talcum powder, or other talc-free drying powder, as an absolute requirement to ensure that no moisture is on the skin before Sugaring.  Some training studios and salons also recommend re-powdering your sugaring hand if the sugar becomes too sticky. 


With our unique training system and products at SUGARING CANE we do not use talc or any drying powder.  This is directly attributable to the quality and perfect consistency of our proprietary  Sugar pastes along with our harmonised skin care range which are leading products on the market.

Our Body Cleanser is superb for preparing and drying the skin and the QUALITY of our Sugar pastes will ensure a match to all client skin types or environmental and humidity conditions, to ensure total effectiveness for hair removal.  We also teach how to use our 3 Sugar pastes in combination in order to ensure the best consistency during treatments.  


Sugaring is – and should be – a highly profitable business!  The correct Sugaring techniques should allow for a little Sugar paste to efficiently go a long way during treatments.  Talcum powder has the effect of drying the sugar, in addition to the drying effect of accumulated skin cells and hair, and this significantly increases the amount of sugar required per client.  Some companies also recommend and sell additional products to adjust the consistency of the sugar paste during treatments.  This is not required as part of our product training at SUGARING CANE.  For especially fine hair removal, a layer of powder may also reduce the effectiveness of treatments, and in our opinion is certainly not required.  

When you train with us - “Your Success is Our Success” – and we want you to be highly successful and profitable! 

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