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Sugar Body Scrub

By: nimmaco

Our Luxurious Sugar Scrubs as part of your beauty routine can deliver some pretty sweet results – and here is why!

The BENEFITS of sugar can be identified as follows:

  • Firstly, sugar is a ‘humectant’, meaning that it draws moisture into the skin and will help with hydration and keeping the skin moisturised.
  • Secondly, sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid - an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) - which rejuvenates the skin keeping it looking fresh.  It also acts as an anti-aging compound which maintains the skin’s youthful beauty by balancing natural oils and allowing new skin to develop.  Regular use of sugar scrubs will promote continuous skin renewal to reveal younger and healthier skin.
    (Note:  Because glycolic acid, and all AHAs, exfoliate the top layer of skin, it is recommended to always follow with a sunscreen if going out during daylight hours to protect newly tender skin.)
  • Finally, sugar’s small particles make an excellent topical exfoliant to remove dead surface skin cells and reveal the glowing, healthy-looking skin underneath.   Sugar scrubs are more gentle than, for example, salt scrubs (with sharper particles) which can cause microscopic tears and  irritation to the skin.  Sugar will also help retain skin moisture, as compared to salt which can strip the skin of natural oils.

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Overall, using sugar as an exfoliant is excellent for unclogging pores, promoting healthy, speedy turnover of skin cells, balancing the skin’s oil production, purifying the pores of toxins and dirt, smoothing skin tone, reducing ingrown hairs-  as well as razor bumps- and creating a radiant, fresh overall look and feel!

Most people choose to use our sugar scrubs one to two times a week, as well as incorporating into their manicure and pedicure. Your skin is your largest organ, and the removal of dead or damaged skin cells through regular exfoliation results in healthier skin. This leads to a noticeable difference in the way your skin looks and feels.  Using our sugar scrub - especially in winter - will also help moisturisers penetrate more deeply and hydrate your skin for longer.

We totally recommend the Sugaring Cane Sugar Peeling which combines sugar with almond oil and a luxurious range of natural scents and extracts.  Choose your favourite from:  Mango, Vanilla, Lime, Coconut & Orange.

How to use our sugar scrub:

Use in the shower on wet skin. Allow the warm water to soften your skin for five to ten minutes to prepare it for exfoliation. Step out of the running water while you exfoliate. Gather a small amount of sugar scrub into the palm of your hand and apply to skin. Gently massage onto your arms, legs, feet, torso, shoulders, back and even your derriere and face using small circular motions, with lighter pressure applied to décolletage and any areas that feel more sensitive. Rinse off with warm water to reveal beautifully cleansed, silky smooth skin.

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