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Sugaring For Weddings & Special Occasions

By: nimmaco

Sugaring is ideal skin preparation for your wedding or special occasion to ensure that you look your best with skin that is silky smooth and hair free.  We recommend that you prepare in advance and have at least two sugaring appointments before your big event.  This is especially important if you are having hair removal for the first time or if you are planning to have a Brazilian or your bikini line done to look your best on honeymoon!

It is also important to think through your total look and all aspects of your photo shoot.  Any area of the body can be Sugared.  For strappy or strapless dresses, underarms and legs are a must (and pay attention to toes if you are wearing open sandals).  Facials, eye brows and lips will ensure a smooth look and brides often do their arms and shoulders to look sleek and feel like silk, as well as hands and fingers for those close-up photos of the rings. 

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You can usually switch from shaving or waxing to Sugaring in just 10 - 14 days.

Sugaring is most effective for gentle hair removal - even for sensitive skin - and will see you through most of your honeymoon without needing a ‘top up’.

Don’t forget that Sugaring is also ideal for all of your bridal party and guests – not forgetting the Groom!

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