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SUGARING - Ideal For Sensitive Skin, Psoriasis and Eczema

By: nimmaco

Sugaring is a safe technique which has been endorsed by Dermatologists as a safe and effective method of hair removal, even for those with sensitive skin, and mild psoriasis or eczema. 

Body Sugaring is so gentle that it is possible to sugar on top of eczema or psoriasis and it can actually help to alleviate and even reduce the symptoms of these conditions.

Sugar does not stick to the skin but only to hair and therefore will not traumatise the skin.

Due to this gentleness, sugar paste can be applied more than once to the same area and it exfoliates only dead skin cells and not live skin cells which happens with waxing!

With Sugaring, hairs are removed completely in the direction of growth leaving NO broken hairs in the follicle, and therefore NO ingrown hairs.  Over a period of time, regular treatments result in a gradual reduction of hair re-growth.  The result is wonderfully soft, smooth, pure skin after treatments.

Sugaring is also especially good for removing short facial hairs and shaping eyebrows.  By keeping skin irritation to a minimum and by not causing breakages it leaves the skin much smoother for longer.

This is in total contrast to more traumatic hair removal techniques such as wax or waxing, shaving, chemical applications and epilation devices, which can cause an exacerbation of skin conditions. IPL and laser are also not recommended for anyone with neurodermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

Sugaring is a completely natural method of removing hair from the whole body, and thanks to the natural, organic ingredients – containing ONLY sugar, water and lemon – it is hypoallergenic and antiseptic making it especially suitable for people with sensitive skin and very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. 


For treatment aftercare we highly recommend the use of our KAOLI MASK and SILVER SPRAY.

KAOLI MASK, also known as China Clay, has healing and anti-inflammatory properties and is highly effective on problem skin to prevent and reduce redness and blemishes. Kaolin helps to cleanse and exfoliate debris and skin cells on the surface of the skin.  We have also added a blend of essential oils of chamomile and calendula (marigold) resulting in a very versatile treatment which is naturally anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and a remedy for reducing inflammation and soothing irritated skin.

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SILVER SPRAY is antiseptic, refreshing and moisturising for all skin conditions and highly effective after Sugaring or at any time for therapeutic skin conditioning.  It will work wonders against troublesome skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and mild acne outbreaks and will totally protect the skin as the ideal “all-rounder”.  

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The advanced Sugaring techniques, as taught by SUGARING CANE UK & IRELAND, are safe for sensitive skin conditions and will not cause any further stress to already sensitive skin. 

The multiple benefits of Sugaring – if correctly learned and practised -  will promote natural healing while also moisturising and cleansing the skin, and will gently exfoliate the skin cell accumulation in mildly affected eczema or psoriasis areas during the overall process of gentle hair removal. 

The professionally accredited training courses provided by SUGARING CANE UK & IRELAND include clear details on the procedures and precautions for safe, effective, gentle hair removal even with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Sugaring is very pleasant to the skin and therefore it can be successfully used even with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.  For anyone suffering from a skin condition, however, it is still advised that they consult their doctor or dermatologist prior to treatments.  If there should be an acute exacerbation or open skin on the area where hair removal is to be performed, it is always better to advise customers to first balance their skin through methods like stress relief, diet, etc, before beginning with Sugaring. 

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Please contact the team at SUGARING CANE UK & IRELAND for additional information on our unique Professional Training courses - available throughout the UK & Ireland – and also our exceptional range of Skin Care Products for the complete Sugaring package. 


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