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SUGARING is BEST to get rid of facial Peach Fuzz - & Comments on Dermaplaning/Microdermabrasion

By: nimmaco

Sugaring has been endorsed by Dermatologists as a safe and effective method of hair removal, even for those with sensitive skin or unable to tolerate other more traumatic hair removal treatments such as waxing, repeated shaving dermaplaning or microdermabrasion.

Sugaring is especially good for removing short facial hair and shaping eyebrows. Sugar does not stick to the skin but only to hair and therefore will not traumatise the skin.  By keeping skin irritation to a minimum and NOT causing hair breakages, sugaring leaves the skin much smoother for longer.  This is also FULLY EFFECTIVE for the majority of hair on a woman’s face which is usually fine and often referred to as “peach fuzz”.

Sugar paste only adheres to hair and dead skin cells so there is less trauma and minimal discomfort when removing hair. Sugaring actually exfoliates the skin and is also an excellent treatment to improve overall skin texture and tone. To keep your skin smooth and at its best, it is most important to continue sugaring and gently remove those hairs from the root.   

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Dermaplaning  - or “Scalpel Facials” !!

The current interest in dermaplaning relates to using a sharper-than-sharp scalpel-like razor to shave your face of hairs and dead skin cells.  This provides a physical form of exfoliation, removing the top layer of dead skin along with fine vellus hair.   The theory is that dermaplaning will also trigger the cell regeneration process. 

(Note:  microdermabrasion is also used to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells but as the name suggests, uses an abrasive method – crystal microdermabrasion uses a sandblasting type effect / the diamond method uses microscopic diamond particles on a stainless steel tip to remove dead skin).

Overall, many factors must be considered before deciding on an invasive treatment such as dermaplaning or microdermabrasion.

You may be lucky to have a normal skin type, but dermaplaning is NOT appropriate for women with excessive or coarse facial hair, otherwise known as hirsutism, and related to polycystic ovaries – PCOS – a hormonal condition affecting one in 10 women in the UK.

Dermaplaning is also NOT recommended for people with very fair or light skin, or people who have sensitive skin.  It should also be avoided with oily skin or with active acne, or conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. 

A major issue with dermaplaning is also the high frequency of skin BREAK-OUTS after treatment.  Ingrown hair is a clear side-effect from the ‘shaving effect’ where the technique simply blunts the end of the hair making it feel thicker, coarser and spikey.  After the short-lived smooth feeling, there is a high likelihood of ingrown hairs and the hair will continue to grow just like it had been shaved with an early return of stubble.  Many clients have also reported ending up with severe irritation or a “blotchy windburn effect” on their face. 

After dermaplaning or microdermabrasion, skin certainly requires an extra level of TLC and the question remains on whether this very expensive treatment is really worth it for limited short-term gain.

After shaving, dermaplaning, or microdermabrasion your hair shafts are blunted and much more likely to cause ingrown hairs or razor bumps as they grow out.  

Sugaring is Perfect for Face & Eyebrows

To keep your skin smooth and at its best, it is most important to continue SUGARING and gently remove all hairs – even fine vellus facial hairs - from the root, which will also improve overall skin texture and tone and get rid of the peach fuzz!

For women, the key areas for facial sugaring are:  the eyebrows (for shaping and shape correction); upper lip, chin, and the cheeks and cheekbones. Removing Peach Fuzz with Sugaring provides the best preparation for a perfect Make Up.

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