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Sugaring Is Perfect For Facials, Eyebrow Shaping And Makeup

By: nimmaco

We want to tell you how brilliant SUGARING is for facial hair removal, eyebrow shaping, and as the best preparation for your makeup (..and so much better than other hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, laser, IPL, Electrolysis or threading!)

SUGARING is a perfect method for all-natural hair removal which is safe for all areas of the body, including the face and eyebrows.  Women are often frustrated in their makeup routines due to unwanted hair ranging from fine ‘peach fuzz’ to coarse facial hair.  Makeup, especially in powder form, has a tendency to stick to facial hair, causing a small amount of hair to visually multiply and thicken once makeup is applied. 

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For a smooth foundation you must remove all ‘peach fuzz’ from the face.  The facial hair may be very fine and undetectable when you aren’t wearing makeup but when you apply foundation it can stick, creating an uneven look which will make the hairs on your face much more noticeable.

Many women are dissatisfied with the results of facial waxing which also tends to remove the first layer of live skin cells with the hair, so that the skin becomes raw and irritated for several days afterwards and makeup will not “stick” and cannot be applied to the skin.  

Other complaints with waxing include the level of burns - from mild to extreme – which can be caused by the high temperature of the wax placed on the delicate skin of the face.  With waxing, breakouts can occur from hair being pulled from the skin in the opposite direction to its natural growth which can result in intense irritation of the follicle, fast hair regrowth, and INGROWN HAIRS as a result hair breakage rather than full removal (NOTE: it is estimated that waxing breaks at least 30% of hairs – even with experienced practitioners). 

This is not to mention the pain caused by waxing and the chemicals, resins, and preservatives which remain on the skin after treatment which can cause allergies, along with possible infections from unsanitary wax pots.  Waxing is often offered and conducted by those with insufficient or limited training so beware of sensitive facial or eyebrow waxing being offered as an add-on e.g. at your local nail salon, cosmetic counter or department store.  Always seek a dedicated and qualified hair removal specialist!

Because of these disappointing experiences, women often resort to daily shaving, simply because they do not realise that a highly successful SUGARING alternative exists.  They’d rather live with facial stubble than suffer the consequences of waxing.


SUGARING is the ideal solution for removing short facial hair and shaping eyebrows. Sugar paste is an all-natural product containing only sugar, water and lemon and does not stick to the skin but only to hair (..and it will easily wash off!).  SUGARING will not traumatise the skin and keeps irritation to a minimum without causing hair breakages so that it leaves the skin much smoother for longer.  SUGARING has been recommended by Dermatologists as a key method for gentle hair removal and it is particularly effective for the face and even for those with sensitive skin.

Our clients at Sugaring Cane UK & Ireland also love the benefits of SUGARING as a mini-facial, because sugar paste safely exfoliates and removes dead, dry skin cells along with removing unwanted hair.  The paste NEVER adheres to live skin, and the hair is removed in the direction of its growth, causing little to no irritation and long-lasting results.  

One of our favourite parts of this service, is how beautifully makeup can be applied the day (or at least 24 hours) after a SUGARING facial.  Sometimes a facial SUGARING service is desired even if a client has little or no unwanted facial hair, simply because of these glowing results after a gentle peeling and exfoliation with sugar.  Dead skin accumulates daily, and without these rough dry cells and hair preventing cosmetics and moisturizers from functioning as they should, smooth healthy skin can really shine through the makeup.  

Brides are often anxious about receiving a facial hair removal service the day before their wedding because they may have dealt with the not-so-nice consequences of a brow or facial waxing gone wrong.  By contrast, with SUGARING there is no need to worry about burns or rawness.  In fact, a set of freshly sugared brows precisely shaped to accentuate your best features will compliment your wedding day look to perfection.  A last-minute SUGARING service on the face will do nothing but enhance the flawlessness of a bride’s final look.


Eyebrow SUGARING is a wonderful way to shape the brows because it is gentle to the skin and can last for weeks at a time.  With the skin around the eye area being very sensitive, clients love SUGARING because it does not stick to the skin.  Hair removal is in the direction of hair growth so there is less ‘tugging’ and the brows don’t get as pink, so that clients can easily continue with their day after treatment.


First things first, let’s break down the anatomy of what makes a perfectly balanced eyebrow shape.  The diagram below shows how to achieve a symmetrical shape using the nose and eye as a guideline.


sugaring perfect facials eyebrow shaping makeup

A - Using your nose and the inner corner of your eye tells you exactly where your eyebrow should begin. 

B - Using your nose and the outer part of your iris tells you where the arch of your eyebrow should be placed.

C - Using your nose and the outer corner of your eye pinpoints where your eyebrow should end.

D – there should be a horizontal line from the start and end of the eyebrow shape which should also align with the other eye.

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Our SUGARING SPECIALISTS aka Sugaristas hope this advice and guide will help to demystify the process of how to create perfectly groomed brows.  Eyebrows have a tendency to be ignored or not given the importance they deserve.  The gentle nature of SUGARING allows our methods to be applied more than once to any area of the face during a session and along the line of the eyebrows to catch any hair left behind.  Beautifully groomed and filled eyebrows have a way of bringing a higher sense of polish to your finished look.  So remember, YOUR EYEBROWS MATTER & SUGARING IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION!!