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The Benefits and Importance of Sugaring All Year Round – Winter & Summer!

By: nimmaco

It is certainly the case that everyone wishes to look their best and to have beautiful hair free skin for spring and summer.  It is a little-known fact, however, that for best results it is usually best to begin and continue your hair removal routine throughout the winter months as well.

This will obviously not be the foremost thought for most people during the winter, but there are clear reasons why it should be! 

Maintaining your sugaring schedule all year round will help to achieve soft hair regrowth and prevent ingrown hairs.  Over time, hair will continue to grow back lighter and finer and this will lead to a degree of permanency for hair removal.   

If your plan is only to shave whenever you have an event that calls for a short skirt or maybe a little special attention to your bikini line, you are going to ruin all the work you’ve done during the summer in achieving that silky, smooth skin.  After shaving, your hair shafts are blunted and much more likely to cause ingrown hairs or razor bumps as they grow out.  To keep your skin smooth and at its best, it is most important to continue sugaring and gently remove those hairs from the root.   

Exfoliate, Sugar, Repeat!

It is FANTASTIC to have super smooth skin whatever the season.  Using our delicious sugar body scrubs in between sessions is highly recommended as an exfoliant for unclogging pores and promoting healthy skin tone to create a radiant and fresh overall look and feel.

Most of our clients have great results using our sugar scrubs one to three times a week.  The skin is your largest organ, and removing all dead or damaged skin cells through regular exfoliation results in healthier skin – and especially in winter – will also help moisturisers penetrate more deeply to hydrate your skin for longer.

Body hairs grow at different rates.  By sticking to a regular sugaring routine, you are conditioning your body hairs to grow at the same time, thereby maximising the time needed between sugaring sessions.  A sugaring regime all year round will therefore make it much easier to get ready for skirts and short in spring, and for that awesome bikini or swimsuit in summer!

Facial Hair Removal All Year Long

Don’t forget that facial hair removal is needed all year round.  Even though your body is covered up your face is exposed every day, wherever you go. Sugaring for your face is like a mini-makeover each time for super smooth results to your chin, upper lip, temples, ears, cheeks and re-shaping those eyebrows.

Do It For Yourself!

Our challenge for you, is to make the most of your sugaring sessions and do not just become a “Fair-Weather” client.  You owe it to YOURSELF to enjoy the benefits of year-round sugaring, and you will be even more impressed with your silky smooth, hair free, toned and healthy skin… 

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