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The Best Body Sugaring Hair Removal With New Generation Sugar Pastes

By: nimmaco

The NEW GENERATION Sugar Pastes offered by Sugaring Cane UK & Ireland, are acknowledged as setting new standards within the beauty industry for gentle, effective and long-lasting hair removal. 

The question about which Sugar Paste to use is one we are asked many times, and this is a very important topic. The QUALITY of the products you use will in turn represent you as a Sugaring Professional to your clients, so it is essential to ensure that you are using THE BEST

The NEW GENERATION Sugar Pastes available with Sugaring Cane UK & Ireland are totally natural products containing only Sugar, Water and Lemon.  This sounds a simple concept, but sugar paste is actually one of the most difficult and challenging products to produce within the beauty and cosmetics industry, in order to ensure stability and quality with an exact and repeatable consistency across different strengths.

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The Technical Piece!

Professional Sugar Paste is required to be laboratory grade and the technical process is known as hydrolysis:  the sugar sucrose is heated with water in the presence of lemon juice (citric acid) to form a mixture of glucose and fructose.  The exact combination of the products, the temperature and exact manufacturing standards are critical for overall quality control and repeat production, to ensure ultimate client safety.

The products from Sugaring Cane are one of the few brands registered on the EU Cosmetic Product Notification Portal, and this is now the accepted standard for professional studio use.  If you are not using our brand, you should ask if your Sugar Paste is actually registered for client use!

(Note - many students will have made their own sugar paste at college.  This is a fun experiment to learn the principles.  However, home-made & unregistered products are offered within the industry.  These are often no more than an “ineffective caramel” with no quality standards or production consistencies etc.  Take care with such products as they will not be covered under professional insurance for client liabilities.)

NO additional products should be added to Sugar Paste 

Many of our competitor brands have chemicals, preservatives, colours, gums, resins, wax, aromatic oils, etc. added to their products.  We have to ask the question “WHY?” 

Most of these additives are contrary to the philosophy of a natural beauty product and they can cause itching, irritation, rashes on the skin, and allergic reactions which are totally unnecessary! 

We urge you to check the ingredients of any alternative product you have been offered ... & our best advice is that you should refuse to use!

BEST for Sugaring Techniques

We know that our products have been perfected to have the ideal consistencies for sugaring all parts of the body and all hair types.  We offer 3 grades of Sugar Paste:  Strong, Soft and Extra Soft. 

Our training shows you how these are used and can be combined for a range of techniques to ensure wonderfully smooth skin for your clients, whilst also ensuring an optimum profitability for your business. 

During the recent Masterclass events which we held during the professional beauty trade shows we attended in UK & Ireland, 2018 & 2019, we were approached by sugaring practitioners (who had not trained with us!!) who were having difficulties with their hand techniques, etc.  However, when using our products, they were amazed how their problems suddenly disappeared and they all realised that having Sugar Paste with an ideal consistency is totally essential.

For us this was further proof – if proof was needed! – for the exceptional effectiveness for our products and training!

We invite you to enjoy the benefits of using our NEW GENERATION SUGAR PASTES, whether you wish to become a SUGARISTA by joining our professionally accredited training courses; or if you are looking for a re-training or a refresher training; or if you really wish to take your skills to the next level with our Sugaring Masterclasses.

The training and products offered by Sugaring Cane UK & Ireland are acknowledged as amongst the best on offer within the beauty industry, and we look forward to welcoming you soon on one of our courses.